Raef & Kai

Last week was my cousin’s wedding. The last wedding I attended was my tito’s and I think I was just 8 or 9 years old then. 15 years later, it’s my cousin’s turn. We went to Calatagan, Batangas and stayed in Stilts (http://www.stiltscalataganbeachresort.net/), a beautiful resort that had cottages on — you guessed it — stilts in the ocean.

I liked that scattered all around the resort were hand-painted signs:

My grandparents got to the resort a day before the wedding, so they were able to spend the night in one of the cottages on stilts. As for the rest of the family who arrived on the day itself, we stayed in the cottage by the beach.

While everyone else in my family was busy preparing (or just lazing around the cottage), I went on a photowalk. It’s been so long since I last took pictures, so it felt really nice to snap away. Visited my cousin’s cottage and hung out for a while in the air-conditioned room (it was hella hot outside!!!) before I decided to visit Ate Kai’s cottage.

Even without makeup, Ate Kai was stunning. She was glowing.

Went out of the room and took a couple of pictures before heading back to the cottage to prep myself.

It was a long but semi-scenic drive from the resort to the church. Trees shaded the path we passed through while goats, cattle (malnourished ones), and horses ate what’s left of the grass beside us. After around 20 minutes and one wrong turn, we finally got to the church.

And finally… the wedding itself. The groom, patiently waiting for his bride…

And the bride…

Congratulations, Pao and Ate Kai! ❤


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