CORRUPTION: WIP Caps x Complex Lifestyle x Creative Recreation x Nix Damn P

Last Friday, I got a message from Nix asking if I was free Saturday to cover a launch along with Deej and James to be held in ATC. I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed it like Kanye West with the mic.

So yesterday (September 15, 2012), after a wrong turn to the Skyway and around 170php paid, we got to Alabang. So many cars, so few parking spaces! Even had a stupid and ridiculous encounter with a fellow parking slot hunter. Survival of the fittest in the vehicular jungle.

Got to Complex Lifestyle Store ( for the launch of the Corruption Paisley snapbacks by WIP caps as well as the release of Creative Recreation’s new collection and Nix Damn P’s new nixtape.

Corruption Paisley snapbacks.

Registered and ready! Got a goodie bag. Thanks, Complex!

Got GCs, stickers from Sperry and Keds, a Marshall Headphones lanyard, an issue of Clavel Magazine, and pen from Creative Recreation. Nothing quite like quality free stuff, tee hee.

Already quite a number of people checking out the merch when we got to the shop.

You like? He likes.Drinks by Virgin Cola and some pizza. We helped ourselves, thank you very much!

After having my fill, I began my ‘ninja photo shooting spree’.

Deej with Dash Calzado (, Tempes, and Paolo Avila (

Nix giving Kaya his new nixtape.

DJ Wreck-One, Anton del Rosario of the Philippine Azkals, and Mr. Banj Albano.

Mr. Mike Nakayama of WIP caps, holla!

WIP heads, yup.

Director Paul Soriano putting a WIP cap on (guess who)…

… Ms. Toni Gonzaga, of course.

A couple of Azkals dropped by the store and sported the Corruption snapbacks.

Nix Damn P doing what he does best.

Kaya making sure Nix knows what he’s doing, hahaha!

Nix Damn P x DJ Wreck-One.

Mr. Mike Nakayama and Mr. Ian Sermonia of WIP caps announcing the raffle winners. Prizes were sponsored by Keds, Sperry, Urbanears, and WIP caps.

Congratulations to all lucky winners!

Scored myself a WIP cap of my own! I got called out to battle Barry/DJ Wreck-One (ended up being the only one who danced, lol) while Nix was spinning. Couldn’t help myself! The music made me move, hahaha. Thank you, Mr. Mike and Mr. Ian!

Saw an old classmate during the event. Had no idea he owned an online store for caps. Gave me this awesome postcard art by Christian Cabuay, the artist responsible for my new Ka cap! Thanks, Gab! (I’ll be waiting for my new cap, mehehe.)

Now here are a couple of Creative Recreation’s kicks. Like em? Go get em.

Nix Damn P’s new nixtape. Yup.

Corruption Paisley WIP cap x Corruption nixtape.
While packing up after the launch, Deej, James, and Nix flipped through an issue of Clavel Magazine.

Thank you, Nix, for inviting me to this launch. And thank you to everyone who organized this. It was my pleasure taking pictures. I had fun!

P.S. Can I also have a Corruption Paisley snapback? MEHEHEHE. :> *hint hint*

More pictures below!

Also check out James’ shots:Β
And Deej’s:


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