Good news for all north heads. PROGRESS just opened shop closer to home.


I particularly loved the whitewashed walls and high ceiling. Simple and clean. No elaborate store setup. Just the merch, nothing but the goods.

These polos have a secret…

To keep your secret ______.

These mini harmonicas really work. I want one.

Where there is beer, there is progress.

Pick your poison.

People checking out the merch while I check out the people. And take pictures of them stealthily.

I want this jacket. !!!.

Stay golden.

Random shots, hurrah!

Notti (, James, and Deej. After this picture was taken, Deej put me on the hotseat. It’s tradition already, every time they introduce me to someone new I’m put on the spot.

I love you, Deej, even if you like being mean to me at super random times.

These have got to be the cutest pair of Vans I’ve ever seen. (Yes, I followed her around.)

That’s a real video camera.

Ms. Rosario Herrera dropped by!

In full swing.

To progress, wings can help.

Ask and you shall receive. Red Bull got Deej down on his knees.

Mr. Out of Scratch.

Waved to this cutie and he waved back.

This cutie didn’t. *tear*

Alotta people came thru to the opening. Congratulations, PROGRESS! Thank you for the stickers, the beers, the yummy porkchop, and the pizza! Good food, good booze, good music, good company, good goods. Everything good.

The PROGRESS new QC shop is located at El Jardin Del Presidente Condominium, #41 Sgt. Esguerra Ave. cor. Sct. Bayaran Street, Quezon City.

More pictures below!

Also check out James’ pictures:


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