Always Looking: Street Art in the Carpark

‘Always Looking’ is a new part of my blog that I’d like to start, although it’s not something new for me. I’m always looking for anything interesting to take pictures of and write about, be it extremely out of the ordinary or something so normal (but who knows what ‘normal’ is nowadays?) that we’d usually pay no mind to it.

By capturing what I see and writing about them (please be kind!), I hope that my curiosity about the things around me will make you notice the things around you, as well! 

I walk. A lot. I don’t own a car, so I’ve always been used to walking and commuting. Friends have told me I walk waaaay too fast (sorry about that!) and it’s like I’m always in a hurry — I guess that’s a Makati walker for ya!

Well, there’s this walkway beside a carpark along Dela Rosa that I used to always walk on whenever I wanted a quick cut from Greenbelt to the corner of our street. At that time, it wasn’t really well-lit so my mom advised me to not pass through it if it was already getting dark. That was also the time when I hadn’t discovered that there was bus from Commonwealth that passes by Ayala-Paseo. So, when I started doing late trainings, I started riding the bus home. I didn’t pass through the carpark walkway again.

A couple of weeks ago, though, when I hitched a ride home, we drove along Dela Rosa. I noticed that the walkway was lit up — weird, I thought. But then I saw that the ceiling of the walkway was painted with different designs! I know I let out a sudden “WOW! Ano yan??“, hahaha. I made a mental note to take pictures when I get the chance to walk through that walkway.

And that chance was this afternoon.

After doing my errands, it was time for me to pass by the carpark once again. I was excited to see what was painted on the ceiling, figuring there were a lot of murals because the walkway was pretty long. My eyes were ready to look at beauty.

And beauty was, indeed, what I saw.

This one’s my favorite:

Do not be afraid to –

While taking pictures, there were a lot of people passing by. The walkway connected Greenbelt to The Enterprise, so I wasn’t really surprised. But what DID surprise me was that no one was looking up at the ceiling besides me. In fact, I got weird stares for holding a camera and taking pictures of the ceiling.

That got me thinking. Maybe they’ve already seen the murals. Maybe they’re in a hurry to get home to beat the rush hour. Maybe it doesn’t interest them that much. Maybe looking at and appreciating the art once is enough.


Whatever their reason, I don’t want that to be my reasons. I will always be looking. I know that I will always stop to look at something if it gets my attention. I know that I won’t get tired of looking at something I’ve seen for the nth time. Beauty is everywhere! And I am so thankful that a street gallery that’s one walkway-long is just one block away from my place. I do not know who the artists are but kudos to them for making such amazing creations, as well as to whoever thought of having the ceiling of the walkway painted.

I’m always looking and will always be looking. And after reading this entry of mine, I hope you start to always look up.


11 responses to “Always Looking: Street Art in the Carpark

    • Yeah? Cool! It was so nice to see that old carpark walkway turned into something beautiful! Kudos to you and the other artists! 🙂 Thank you for checking out my blog, hihi! It’s kinda amazing you found this haha!

  1. Hi Kell, thank you for the comments and insights about our small project with ayala. Hope we can make more of like this around the metro 🙂 Your blog is awesome! This is Jood

    • Hi, Jood! Yeah, I hope to see more works like that! Keep it up! You guys are doing the Lord’s work. 🙂 Thank you for checking out my blog! 😀

  2. Hi Kel dropped by your blog to borrow some of your photos to update my folio (i dont have pictures of my work thats why. hahaha!) 🙂 thanks for appreciating btw! 🙂

  3. Hi Kel! I discovered your site as I was googling about the Street Art along Dela Rosa. I must say I share the same sentiments about some (if not most) people not really giving much fuss about the awesomeness that was going on in that area. I came across it just this week and I just wanted to let you know I am one of those people who took the time to stop, take photos (and regretting that I only have a camera phone with me) and appreciated the wonderful art. I guess there’s not a lot of us, but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. 🙂

    • Hello, Faye! Aww, your comment means a lot! And quite timely, too. I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t even updated my blog in a while! But your comment made me look at this blog entry again and I got reminded to always look around because beauty is everywhere — even when we’re all busy! So thank you! And I’m glad that you took the time to stop and look at the art! Feels good to know I’m not alone! 🙂 And I bet all the artists who’re responsible for beautifying the walkway will appreciate that, too! 🙂

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