It was August of last year when I first tagged along and took pictures of this duo during one of their jam sessions (“Meeting MOTHERBASSS”). I remember being really quiet, possibly a bit awkward, because the only guys I knew were Deej and James, and there I was, butting in someone else’s (music) business. It wasn’t long until I felt comfortable in that studio, though, drowning (and not minding) in the sounds they were creating. Although we just “officially” met that day, music took the liberty of bridging us together sans the awkward “getting-to-know-you” stage. (It’s really amazing how music can really connect people, as cliché as it sounds, almost instantaneously.)

Woke up early this morning (so not like me) and got really hyped after checking my Twitter feed…

So good morning, boys and girls, ladies and gents, friends and lovers! Lemme introduce you to a duo you mos def should keep an eye (and ear.. BOTH ears) on — they’re gonna slay 2013:

Nix Damn P! x Macky Brillantes… They are MOTHERBASSS

266969_323756064396695_2071473763_oCheck out this fckng awesome video shot and edited by the ever-hustler, Deej Fabian (, also shot by the man from Oman, James Bringas ( Dope dope DOPE logo by Edmund Mallari (@nottinottinotti)! And with the creative direction of Geoff Gonzalez a.k.a Out of Scratch (@outofscratch), you just KNOW this collab will definitely take off!

You guys have no idea how insanely excited I am to be a part of TEAM MOTHERBASSS! Heartboner.

You in Cebu? Be sure to catch them at Sinulog on January 20, 2013!




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