Guardian Angel

I don’t know how to start this entry. All I know is that I need to type something… anything.

While at Brewing Point this afternoon, I received a text message from my mom. Upon reading that short one liner, I let out a “WHAT?!” as an initial, shallow reaction. But after reading the message again, my heart sank. And then, I started to cry. Uncontrollably. During rehearsals.

My dog since gradeschool finally went to Doggie Heaven.

I have not seen CD (his name — I was obviously into computers when I was a kid, hehe) since I left for the US last 2010. He used to live with us in Kapitolyo, when we still had the house. But when that got taken away, our dogs (my tita had another one named Aki) had to be relocated. They got to live with my grandmother’s sister in Lagro — so far away from Makati. My mom & I would always plan to visit CD but I never got to join them whenever they would go all the way to Lagro because I either had class or training.

Come 2012 (I think?), I received news that my dog had gone blind. My heart broke, knowing that I haven’t visited him yet and that he’d never get to see me. But I had hope that he’d still recognize my smell, so I always looked forward to day that I’d finally get to visit him in Lagro.

My mom had actually planned to visit him this Thursday, but it was too late. CD died last March 9 and we found out just this afternoon.

I’ve had him since I was in Grade 3 (or 4), even though I wasn’t really allowed to have a dog. I bought the doggie dish, doggie collar and leash even though my grandfather didn’t want me to have a dog! I remember going with my tito and tita to just look at dogs, not knowing that I was actually going to bring a cutie home.

I named him CD. Just because I was really into computers (haha!). Plus “CD” could also stand for “Cute Dog”, which he was. He was a mongrel: a mix of a Jack Russell Terrier and an “askal”. The Jack Russell features were pretty prominent, kinda reminded me of Wishbone.

He was a curious one. A naughty pup, but a very playful one. I tried to teach him how to fetch — never got him to learn how to let go of the ball when he’d come back to me, though (haha).

He was a loyal companion. There were times I fell asleep outside when it got hot inside the house and when I woke up, he was sleeping beside the chair I fell asleep on. There were also times that he was able to sneak out of the house and run free, but he always came back.

He was a fighter. On one occasion, he got into a fight with three larger dogs who were able to get inside our laundry area/backyard. Even though he was outsized and outnumbered, he didn’t back down. Of course, we tried to stop the rumble, resorting to hosing all of the dogs with water. It was a scary scene. When all of the dogs stopped fighting, CD limped his way up the stairs and into his cage, curling up to lick his wounds. His eyes were so scared. My mom & I started to cry, wanting to hug him and tell him everything was going to be okay.

He was a dancer. My lolo taught him how to dance on two legs! That was his trick when my lolo would sing Limbo Rock. Even when he got arthritis (dogs can get that) and had a hard time standing, he tried his best whenever he was beside my lolo.

He was a stuntdog and a comedian. Whenever he was outside and I’d be sitting on the couch, all I had to do was call him and he’d start running towards me. Thing is (was), the floor in our old house was made of wood and was usually polished. This made it really hard for him to stop! So 100% of the time, we’d hear him try to put on the brakes (his nails would make a sound on the floor) and fail, making him crash into the side of the sofa! Apparently it didn’t hurt him and he enjoyed it because he’d run back outside then run through the hallway and do the entire thing all over again! What a silly dog.

He was malambing. He liked tummy rubs and neck scratches. Whenever he wanted our attention, he’d go under our legs and lie down there. That was the signal that he wanted a tummy rub. We usually rub his tummy using our feet coz he always wanted a tummy rub while we were watching tv. To make sure that we don’t stop rubbing his tummy, he’d put his paw on our foot when we stopped rubbing.

He was a picky eater, but he liked menudo. A lot. Cleaned his dish every time we gave him that.

He was afraid of cameras, cellphones, and fireworks. Fireworks, I understood because of the loud noise, but cameras and cellphones? I still don’t know why he was scared of them, haha.

He was smart. We used to play this game of going around the dining table. During the first few days of playing the “habulin moko” game, he’d go all the way around in the direction of where I was going. But after that, he surprised me when he went in the opposite direction to catch me in my tracks!

He lived for 15 (human) years. According to the charts I Google’d, that’s 83 in dog years. I still don’t know if he passed away peacefully or if he had a hard time before breathing his last breath, but I hope he felt no pain when God called his name to come back Upstairs. I always knew he was my angel.

I bet he’s up there dancing (with sight restored), running and then crashing into couches, and eating menudo coz it was his birthday just a few days ago. I hope you’re having fun up there, CD! Mom & I miss you so much.


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