Manila Regardless

Last February, I was given the opportunity by Archie (a.k.a. CHICHImonster) to help edit a video featuring one of his wall projects. The director happened to be someone I’ve known (by name and face) since gradeschool because he was the brother of my classmates in Trumpets!

I was grateful that Chi recommended me, being that I was just starting out and I’ve never done something *this* official (I was going to edit for a prod company!), and at the same time really nervous. But the good kind. The kind that prepares me to learn and absorb new things.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that my gradeschool bestfriend, Bia Catbagan, was actually part of the team for this project!

Fast forward to today. After three revisions, it’s finally out! The first episode of MANILA REGARDLESS: “THE WALL IS THE MESSAGE”. After only 2 days since it’s been uploaded (with the 3rd day just starting), it has already had just 31 views short of 1,000! WOW!!!


Featuring: Archie “CHICHImonster” Geotina
Directed by: Enzo Marcos
Supervising Producers: Cholo Laurel and Marie Jamora
Videography: Charley Sta. Maria, Bia Catbagan, Pidjong
Audioman: Teejay Sakuma
Editing: Kel Joven 
Grading: Stephanie Aves and Charley Sta. Maria
Manila Regardless logo by: Inigo Arnaiz
Music by: Similar Objects


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