When Photographer Meets Photographer: Kenji O

I had the opportunity a couple of months ago to take photos for CLAVEL Magazine of a fellow photographer, Kenji O, although I don’t really want to say “fellow” just because I feel that I’m in no way even near his level! Hehehe. But despite all of his accomplishments, he was (and still is) a really friendly guy to a really shy girl like me.

In that short shoot day that we had, we talked about photography (duh!) and I made sure that I was a sponge to absorb everything that he shared — from having the proper mindset when learning to developing and sticking to your own style when taking photos, even though people might not like it at first.

He shoots in film and develops his own shots, which I’d really like to learn how to do! He brought two of his vintage (and still working!) cameras and I was instantly drawn to just touch them HAHAHA. He asked me to take a couple of shots using them and I’m just hoping they turned out okay for his taste, lol.

Check out the unpublished photos I took below:

Check the full set below!


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