Day 2: 7107 International Music Festival 2014

Day 1 was a blast and we were all looking forward to Day 2! Lemme just say that it did not disappoint.

One of my favorite local live acts: Itchyworms. I absolutely adore them. Their medleys are so fun to listen to!

Finally got to check out the local stage to support DJ (Tito, HEHEHE) Aryan’s set. So glad dancers showed up, we were able to have a pretty cool cypher! Tha Project, Philippine All-Stars, Unschooled, The Crew, Legit Status represent! Awwyeeeee! Can’t wait to see footage of us dancing! It was so dope.

Went back to the main stage right after. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was the next act I was able to take photos of.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ vocalist, Ronnie Winter, introduced to the crowd his Filipina girlfriend, Angela (if I remember correctly), who sang “Your Guardian Angel” with him that night. She reminds me of Alyssa Lapid!

Moment captured.

You ready?


Kendrick Lamar, ya bish!

Took video snippets during his set but the bass was so loud, the audio got ruined. Can’t believe K-Dot was actually here. Can’t wait for his new album to drop, too! Definitely looking forward to that!

Oh, and here’s a really amusing experience: the Magalona brothers were right behind me the entire time during Kendrick’s performance AND THEY KNOW EVERY LINE OF HIS SONGS. Seriously. Elmo was so close to me, already bumping my backside every time he’d jump or just vibe to the music, and I heard him rap along  Hardcore!

Right after K-Dot was Empire of the Sun. I remember posting a picture of this guy on Pat Teng’s Facebook wall coz they look alike. Sort of.

Empire of the Sun was one helluva production. The costumes, the set, the lights, the dancers — OH MAN, THE DANCERS! This was the most eccentric, quirkiest live act I’ve seen so far.

I don’t know how long we waited for the main act, but it was a long wait. Unlike Day 1 when we could just sit down while waiting, Day 2 was really packed with people. If you sat down, people from behind would try to get to your place, thinking no one was there. There were a lot of stubborn people, too. It was really like rush hour in the MRT — I hated it so much, haha.

After prolly 30 minutes of waiting, we heard a saxophone playing (I hope I’m right! Sounded like a sax, hehe). There were around 3 or 4 false alarm cheers (you know, when people start cheering, thinking it’ll start but it doesn’t? Yup.). People were getting a bit restless, people shouting for the final act to start.

… And then the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out. And it was worth the wait.

FLEA. This man. Crazy motherf. “I’d like to thank all your nipples.” Best moment: STABLE handstand walk.

Did not take so much photos because I wanted to actually live in that moment. RHCP LIVE. Goodness. Solid videos on the LED screens, too! It was really a show. If there was one thing I wished they did, it was to perform The Zephyr Song. Really thought it was going to be part of their encore! But it wasn’t. Huhuhu.


That is all.

Check out the my entire set of 7107 (including Day 1) here:


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