Design Her Story: Rediscovering Myself in Tokyo, Japan

NOTE: Be sure to play all videos as you go through my post! Everything here has a purpose. 🙂

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While almost everyone knows about the awesome Japanese cuisine (my favorite!) as well as the go-to places in Japan, the dance scene there is something I’d like to discover firsthand. I want to attend dance battles like Dance@Live and meet lockers, poppers (like my friend, Kouichiro, whom I met while he was here in the Philippines for a college exchange student program), bboys and bgirls, house dancers, hip hop heads, DJs — everyone! And the learning and absorbing won’t stop there because I plan to share everything I’ve experienced (be it in photo or video) with everyone when I fly back home.

So let’s start this trip, shall we? 🙂

I’d love to go to

(Alternate link:

And since I’m going to take photos, I have to visit
Shinjukuto check out shops that are said to carry vintage and rare cameras. While I might not have enough moolah to purchase one (le huhu), seeing a rare Leica, Pentax, Minolta, and Polaroid up close and personal and snapping a photo of them, if I can, would be pretty awesome!

I’ll tell you a little secret — I’m a self-proclaimed professional window-shopper (hehe) and people-watcher (not a creeper, I promise). So I think it is but appropriate that I also go around
Akihabara, Ueno(Akihabara) for everything gadget-y and allow myself to drool, and then visit the Ueno area to check out all of the parks, temples, and museums where I’m sure there’ll be lots of interesting sights and people to take candid, ninja photos of.

I can’t talk about people in Japan and not mention
Shibuya(,) so I’m going to make it a point to witness (and capture) the famous Shibuya Crossing moment and, ONCE AND FOR ALL, see for myself if it’s true what they say that no one bumps into each other while crossing — unlike here, where I think there’s an unspoken game of keeping score of how many people you bump into!

And because I watched the movie of Hachiko (I cried so much, huhuhu), I need to pay his statue a visit. It’s a must for a dog-lover!

Gonna make sure to wake up extra early just so I can score a ticket to watch the tuna auction! I bet it would be an amazing experience to watch the bidding and the winning of the fresh and best catch, all in a language that is not my native tongue and in a pace that is similar to that of the stock market.

……..To be honest, there’s just so many things to do in Tokyo that I can think of. I’ve never been to Japan and everything I do there would be a first for me! But to narrow things down, these are my top three (which practically cover everything):
Things to do in JAPAN

Attending the Design Her Story Conference was an eye-opener for me. Everyone I listened to, met, and talked to helped me realize that my dreams are just waiting for me and that all I need to do is to make things happen.

It’s time for me to create opportunities for myself.

And now is definitely a good time to fly.

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Transcript (for word count):

I’d like to thank my boyfriend, Brod, for helping shoot some of the footage I used for the videos. ❤


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