I Am Hope: Superheroes’ Day Out

From time to time, we see and read stories about children with cancer. Most people are sad for a second and get on with their lives.

Not me.

I fight for them.

Had the opportunity to attend Kythe-Ateneo’s event with Brod the other day, September 27th, after his class. As we were driving by the bend leading to the UP CS Amphitheater, I remember exclaiming to Brod, “WOW!”

I honestly was not expecting the event to be as big as it was. I saw a big inflatable and a lot of people wearing yellow shirts and a few red shirts. There were also a lot of tents by the perimeter of the field which had different games and activities for the kids. There were people playing frisbee and catch, some kids were running around and doing cartwheels.

Our friends from KADs (Kythe-Ateneo Dancers, the group Brod coached during RiB) met us that sunny afternoon and walked us over to the covered area. Our young superheroes were wearing blue shirts and were being serenaded by some celebrities, two of whom I recognized because of Trish (who used to work with the cast of ‘Luv U’) – Charlene and Nash.

Ganda ng sapatos niya! Kailangan kong ma-picture-an!

Since it was a superheroes’ day out, of course there were a few superheroes at the event! (Wasn’t able to take a picture of Captain America, boo.)

Even though we were only there for a short time, my heart was full of love. I was overwhelmed by this event! If you didn’t know that these kids were battling cancer, you’d think that they’re just normal kids (and they are). Which is why I think the title of this event is appropriate – these kids ARE superheroes because just like superheroes, you wouldn’t know they’re one just by looking at them. They’re brave and tough like superheroes, they’re good people like superheroes.

I wish I had been part of an organization like this while I was still in college. I admire Kythe-Ateneo’s advocacy! I love kids and I like to make them happy, if it means that it will help them become positive about life and love life in general.

Really blessed to have met these guys from KADs because of Brod. This is the second year Brod has coached their team for RiB. Such good hearts they have! Really positive and energizing to be around.

Looking forward to more fun-filled events by Kythe-Ateneo! Even though I’m not an alumna of ADMU, I will support you guys! 🙂

See the entire set below!


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