When You Say Yes to Adventure

Last night, after finishing my chicken nuggets take-out and drinking the last drop of my Tequila Sunset (I didn’t even know there was such a thing! I ordered Tequila Sunrise but got that instead. Not complaining though, it was cheaper! Hahaha), I was ready to go home….. to prepare for a night out at Black Market! (Pre-game before Bad Decisions Wednesday was the way to go because drinks there were gold.)

Walking back to my friend’s van, I was already explaining to her how to get back to Ayala from my place with matching demonstration (“Dulo, left. Left sa unang stoplight. Right sa pangalawang stoplight, Ayala na.“). But as soon as we all saw her van, apparently we all thought the same thing:


What started as a playful hirit escalated to a feasible idea within seconds! We got so excited, we were all laughing! And the most I could say was “wait wait WAIT!”, trying to make sense of everything that was happening (or was about to happen). But the only question that was worth asking at the time was “Anong oras tayo dapat makabalik sa Manila?” Of course, there were more important questions to ask, but they didn’t matter so much as the opportunity for a spontaneous adventure presented itself.

It was 11:30 PM and the four of us were all game for a late night roadtrip to Tagaytay! Black Market will always be there (well, so will Tagaytay), but that moment? I couldn’t pass it up!

Blasted workout music from Spotify (as loud as the maximum volume of the phone, haha) to keep us all up and hyper until we reached Tagaytay. Every now and then, the thought of us going on this roadtrip gave me the butterflies. It was the first time for all of us to act on such an impulsive idea, and it felt so fucking amazing!

As soon as we got past Sta. Rosa, Laguna and noticed we were going up, we rolled down (or pushed back) the windows and felt the cool air. Who needed the A/C? I had my very own Perks of Being A Wallflower moment, sans the standing up on the back of a pickup truck.

Still on the road, we talked about our game plan. To fulfil my friend’s bucket list item of just parking the van on the side of the road overlooking the city, drink in hand, we decided to buy drinks and snacks from a convenience store and to look for a good spot.

Fast-forward to our spot hunting, we probably checked out three spots before deciding on the last one. After my Perks moment, I had my Urbandub moment (“Parked car, this night sky…”). Parked van with back door up and open, drinks in hand, we said cheers: cheers to that moment, cheers to the night, cheers to the company, and cheers to the new (Chinese) year.

I cannot put into words how incredible that night was: under the stars (‘balakubak of the universe’) with clouds racing by, blown by the strong and cold Tagaytay wind, it was perfect. The side of the road we parked on was right in front of an abandoned construction site that was most probably housing some temporary tenants, complete with hanging clothes and a makeshift basketball court. It was kinda creepy, but it didn’t affect the positive vibes we had.

I kept on looking for satellites after being able to see two while I was in Anilao, Batangas, but all I saw were airplanes. Even argued with my friends that they were satellites before I surrendered, haha! But we were  able to catch shooting stars! We were like kids again.

We sang songs to the wind, to the city lights below, to the sky up above. We sang the longest medley ever, with lyrics that were correct and lyrics that were made up. We sang songs true to the melody and even added some new notes. We sang at the top of our lungs with some dogs joining in. And before we knew it, it was 4 AM.

We didn’t want to leave yet but we knew we had to get back to Manila before the sun showed itself. We also haven’t had any sleep since the previous work day, so we knew our bodies were about to shut down and go into hibernation mode any time soon. So after picking up some drive-thru eats and a quick stopover on the side of the road (again) to eat, we were on our way back to Manila.

Three of us were dropped off at Alabang and we rode a bus back to the metro. Walked home from Ayala and plopped myself on the bed. I crashed at around 6:30 AM.

I have no pictures of last night by the road, but in retrospect it made me realize that there really are moments that you can only have as memories without a tangible thing attached to it, and it makes them all the more valuable. Years from now, I most probably won’t remember in detail the conversations we had nor the exact made-up lyrics we sang — and it’s okay. Because I know, even if I don’t know how, that all I need to do is think of the general memory I have of that one night and *just like that*, all the feelings I can’t ever put into words will come rushing in.

When you say ‘yes’ to adventure and worry about the other stuff later, you know it’s gonna be an experience to remember.

"Tagaytay?" "Game?" "Sige!" "Wooo!" 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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