My Sweet Experience @ Sweet X

If you know me, you’d know that I absolutely love discovering new places to eat at. In fact, Brod & I have conceptualized a food blog last year that we have yet to publish. (Gastronomic experiences are almost always worth writing about!) And although I’ve thought about writing food entries since early last year, I never imagined I’d actually be invited to blogger meals (heck, I don’t even know what to call them!).

But just last month, Aldous Calubad of Aldous Ate the World invited me. It’s like the World of Food Blogs opened its doors and officially welcomed me to their realm of delicious opportunities (!!!) and yesterday was my first taste (heh) of their world.

I’ve passed by their spot a few times, seen my friends’ Instagram posts about their opening and saw that they served their food at my college batchmate’s wedding reception, even took numerous mental notes to eat there on our next date, but it never pushed through. (Probably because, according to my boyfriend, I have the memory of a goldfish.)

So when I got invited to this blogger meal (can someone tell me what the proper term for this is, haha) and saw that it was on a weekend, I said yes right away!

Sweet Ecstasy, fondly called “Sweet X” by their loyal patrons, is right along the quieter end of Jupiter Street in Makati. (If you commute, it’s walking distance from the Buendia MRT station, and if you have a car, you’d be happy to know that there’s a lot of parking space available.) And yes, this is the same Sweet Ecstasy that was in CubaoX. What started out as a milk and cookies establishment evolved into a no-fuss-burgers-fries-rings-wings-milkshakes joint.

And by “no fuss”, I really mean it. You order, you pay, you wait, you pick up your food when they call out your name, you eat. And if you thought that there would be a lot of burgers to choose from and just the staple milkshake flavors available, I’d say you have it the other way around. (And that’s not a bad thing.)

I particularly liked this wall that was in front of me. With their original shop being in CubaoX, it was nice that they brought the artsy personality with them to their new location. I especially found the lower left poster funny! (“See Dick eat. Dick is just a boy. But he eats like a kargador.”)

First thing I got to eat was their Fantastic Fries (80 Php). I liked how they kept the skins coz I love fries and wedges with the skins! The fries had just the right crisp to them, although I found them to be a tad bit too salty. I like eating my fries with ketchup, but because they were already too salty, I didn’t want/need to.

Next up, their wings. They have four variants to choose from and they all cost 220 Php. Oh, if you don’t want to get your hands oily or covered with sauce, they have disposable gloves that you can ask for.

Their Soy Honey Wings were cooked perfectly, I should say. Crispy outside with tender chicken meat inside, just the way I like it! As for the flavor, the sweetness of the honey overpowered the saltiness of the soy, though. Would’ve scored a 10 if there was a balance with the sweet and the salty. Good thing one of the bloggers I ate with requested for some garlic aioli dip for her fries because when I put some on my Soy Honey Wing, the taste was on point.

I was a bit hesitant to try their Buffalo Wings but only because I’m not a fan of spicy food. As much as I’d like to try all types of food, my tongue cannot handle the heat (huhu). I had to ask the other bloggers if the heat was tolerable before I decided to sink my teeth in half a wing. Seeing specs of red on the wings made me nervous, hahaha.

For someone who has a sensitive tongue to spiciness, their Buffalo Wings was tolerable. In fact, I was kind of reminded of ‘sweet n’ sour’ than the other buffalo wings I’ve tried (and not finished) before.

Another variant that made me put on my “big girls don’t cry over spicy food” face was their Sriracha Lime Wings. I’ve never ever put Sriracha on anything. Nope nope nope. I’m that much of a wuss. But to be honest, I was quite curious because of the lime. I like how limes (and lemons) add a kick to any dish, so I have to admit I was excited to try this. I had fries on the side, ready to take away the heat if my mouth couldn’t take it.

Surprisingly, I was able to finish my wing without breathing heavily through my mouth! And not surprisingly, the lime made this wing the winner in my book. You first get the hit of Sriracha and then the lime aftertaste balances it out. I’m not sure if Sriracha and lime have ever been paired in any dish, but what an awesome combo! Definitely telling Brod to try this one out when we come back!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try their Honey BBQ Wings because there weren’t enough pieces for all of us (not everyone got to try all four variants). But asking those who were able to eat a piece, they said they were okay; crispy, yes, but nothing special with the honey bbq sauce.

If you know me, you know that I do not eat onions. And as soon as their Onion Rings (100 Php) was put on our table, I knew I won’t be eating them. However, all you onion rings lovers (I don’t think I will ever understand you, hahaha) would be happy to know that these were a hit! According to my companions, the batter was light and the rings were fried to a perfect crisp. A must-order!

And now, for the menu item I had been waiting for that night…

I love burgers. Absolutely love them. Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jollibee, Stackers, Brother’s Burgers, Zark’s, In-N-Out, Five Guys, Snack Shack… burgers, burgers, burgers. I guess you could say my standard for burgers is pretty high, haha.

Looking at my Cheeseburger (170 Php) for the first time, I was reminded of In-N-Out. I also noticed the ‘X’ that was marked on top of the bun. It was a nice signature besides the other ‘X’ that was stamped on the parchment paper.

Eating Sweet X’ cheeseburger, I kinda liked it. It wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t trying so hard. Their patty was juicy but it could use a little bit more flavor. What made their burger good for me was their buttered brioche buns! I wish most burgers offered buttered buns!

We were lucky enough to meet 1/3 of the owners of Sweet X, DJ Fran Tobias of Monster Radio RX 93.1 and have a quick Q&A with her before she ended up taking our milkshake orders, haha.

Speaking of milkshakes, didn’t I say they had a lot of milkshake flavors?

You can choose to get a Classic Milkshake (140 Php),Premium Milkshake (160 Php), or an Adult Milkshake (160 Php). Most of their premium milkshakes are chocolate-based and their best-selling premium milkshakes are Nutella and Salted Caramel. Adult Milkshakes, as you most probably have guessed, have alcohol in it.

I decided to try Cookie Butter Is The Balls just because it has a catchy name!! (Plus it’s made with cookie butter, so yum.) The alcohol mixed in this milkshake is rum.

At first, I thought the serving was a bit small for a milkshake. But I forgot this was an alcoholic beverage, lol. (I’m not sure if this is the standard size for all of their milkshakes, though. Even the non-alcohol ones…) On first sip, it was pretty yummy. The taste of cookie butter with the kick of rum was blended perfectly as a milkshake. The thickness of the milkshake was great: not too thick, not runny at all.

I was also able to take a sip of Kahlua Mocha and it was good, too! Reminded me of Starbucks but with alcohol. And I heard that Sex Berry (one of the best-sellers) is made with Tequila Rose.

Overall, Sweet X made my very first official food blog experience a sweet one! I’m going back with Brod for their Sriracha Lime Wings and to try their off-menu item, the……..

You’re gonna have to find out for yourselves, hihi.

Sweet Ecstasy
10 Jupiter St. cor. Asteroid St.,
Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City


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